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Release Date: June 21, 2024

Since 1983 the name Cavalera has become synonymous with extreme metal music, a name that to this day still holds the highest regard, a family legacy built upon decades of musical aggression. Over forty years ago, the Cavalera brothers were spearheading the first wave of thrash, death and black metal, and despite their faraway Latin-American roots, have garnished worldwide attention and critical acclaim with their ferocious songwriting and unstoppable drive.

In 2023, Max and Iggor Cavalera achieved what some would say was an impossible feat; they revisited their earliest releases, "Morbid Visions" and "Bestial Devastation", and re-recorded them with bone-breaking intensity. A risk that few would dare to even attempt, yet they artfully and prolifically attained their trademark raw sound by means that could only be described as magic or time travel. It seems that the ball would not stop rolling for the brothers from Brazil though, as now they are entering the final chapter of their early-days trilogy.

Schizophrenia" is an iconic album in terms of early thrash and death metal, a household name for those of us invested in extreme metal. This was the point where the Cavaleras refined their dark, dingy, speed influenced songs, into something a bit more matured, developed and technical. Decades later, they have once more unlocked the asylum that is Schizophrenia”, opening the doors to that banished, twisted recording.

Much like Morbid Visions” and Bestial Devastation”, Schizophrenia” beheld the promise of articulate songwriting, that was only hindered by the technology of analog recording in the eighties. Despite the thrashing riffs, hammering drums, and ghoulish growls, the production of this album was lackluster, leaving much to be desired by listeners around the world.

As young teenagers in Brazil, they did not have the budget for expensive recordings, fancy gear and extra studio time. These young men were working with the barest essentials.Truly, they were as third-world underground as they come. Much of Schizophrenia” was done in single takes. The result was impressive despite all of the hurdles they had to overcome, even more so considering they were between the ages of sixteen and seventeen when they originally recorded these tracks. It should come as no surprise that the Cavalera brothers always felt that these songs deserved a fresh take with modern production.

Facing such a daunting task with determination, the boys from Brazil have once again flawlessly pulled off a visitation to their youth. Mastering the balance between the harshness of the original record and the clarity of modern day equalization. Hearing Max rip through timeless tracks such as From The Past Comes The Storms” and Escape To The Void” will be sure to leave chills on the back of your neck. Iggors drumming has only become more outstanding, blasting double bass through To The Wall” and grooving along to Inquisition Symphony” with expert veracity. It is clear that these two have lost none of their spirit, and have in fact only perfected the blackened-thrash themes that started it all for them.

No stranger to collaborations, the Cavalera brothers enlisted Travis Stone (Pig Destroyer) on lead guitars, and that choice becomes obvious within the first song. Travis plays with the passionate, adrenalized thrash approach of his predecessors, while bringing a breath of new life into the solos and acoustic melodies scattered throughout the album. The full lineup would consist of more Cavalera alumni, as Igor Amadeus Cavalera (Go Ahead And Die, Healing Magic) once more brought his talents on bass to the fold. Thundering and thrumming the low end with brute force, it is clear that the double Iggor and Igor combination are a rhythm section to be reckoned with.

They left no stone unturned and no detail unnoticed, also revisioning the original cover artwork of the album, restored in hand painted watercolors by Eliran Kantor. An album cover that has obsessed and fascinated fans for decades, it is awe-inspiring to see Eliran articulately revive the image.

This re-recording acts as a bridge between generations. For the fans that were fortunate enough to see the Cavaleras in their youth, it will feel like an undeniable blast from the past, while simultaneously reinventing these songs for the younger generations that never had the chance to witness these timeless classics. Whether you are a lifelong fan or a newcomer to the Cavalera ensemble, you will soon see that years of dedication shines through these songs from beginning to end.   

With the impressive catalogue that the Cavalera brothers have created over the years, you will soon see that Schizophrenia” will also sit amongst their greatest achievements. Max and Iggor have relinquished an album that for many years was locked away behind rusty, iron cell doors, barred by straight jackets and haunted by madness. From the past comes the storms as Schizophrenia” is set loose on the world once more!"

CD Track Listing:1.Intro (Re-recorded)/2.From The Past Comes The Storm (Re-recorded)/3.To The Wall (Re-recorded)/4.Escape To The Void (Re-recorded)/5.Inquisition Symphony (Re-recorded)/6.Screams Behind The Shadows (Re-recorded)/7.Septic Schizo (Re-recorded)/8.The Abyss (Re-recorded)/9.R.I.P. (Rest In Pain) (Re-recorded)/10.Nightmares Of Delerium