Cathedral "Anniversary (Deluxe Edition)" CD Box Set

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Earlier this year, UK mainstays and international cult act Cathedral, announced that 2011 would be their final year as a live band. Yes, after a twenty-one year career they have decided to call it a day with a final studio album in the pipeline to be recorded in 2012.

Captured here in all their raw and live glory at Islington Academy, London. December 2010, "Anniversary" is the first official live (double) album to be ever released by Cathedral, which will no doubt delight fans around the world.

Disc One Back to the Forest (Forest of Equilibrium) (59 minutes)
1. Picture of Beauty and Innocence
2. Comiserating the Celebration (of Life)
3. Ebony Tears
4. Serpent Eve
5. Soul Sacrifice
6. A Funeral Request
7. Equilibrium
8. Reaching Happiness, Touching Pain

Disc Two ? set two: Freak Winter (79 minutes)
1. Funeral of Dreams
2. Enter the Worms
3. Upon Azrael?s Wings
4. Midnight Mountain
5. Cosmic Funeral
6. Carnival Bizarre
7. Night of the Seagulls
8. Corpsecycle
9. Ride
10. The Last Spire pt.1 (Entrance)
11. Vampire Sun
12. Hopkins (Witchfinder General)