Carcass "Symphonies Of Sickness MMXX" FDR Silver Vinyl

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Liverpool’s legendary Death Metal pioneers Carcass (who still tour extensively to this day) are often credited with shaping the entire death metal genre. Pushing boundaries with their shocking imagery whilst evolving and innovating with each new album. 'Symphonies of Sickness', the grindcore classic, is back available again on full dynamic range vinyl.

Track listing

1. Reek of Putrefaction

2. Exhume To Consume

3. Excoriating Abdominal Emanation

4. Ruyptures In Purulence

5. Empathological Necroticism

6. Embryonic Necropsy And Devourment

7. Swarming Vulgar Mass Of Infected Virulency

8. Cadaveric Incubator Of Endoparasites

9. Slash Dementia

​10. Crepitating Bowel Erosion