Brodequin "Harbinger Of Woe" Digipak CD

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With BRODEQUIN, what you see is what you get. After all, the band are named after a French medieval torture device.
Of course, BRODEQUIN come with their own history. Brothers Jamie and Mike Bailey have been banging their heads together since 1998, before their debut album catapulted them far beyond their hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. But after seizing the throne as one of the most brutal rulers in all of death metal, BRODEQUIN disappeared into the shadows.
Now, after 20 years, BRODEQUIN return with ‘Harbinger of Woe’. Their long-awaited fourth album does not disappoint, either. Lead single “Of Pillars and Trees” is classic BRODEQUIN. The riffs churn severed limbs through a meat grinder. New drummer Brennan Shackelford pings his cymbals with all the murderous intent of a spiked mace. Heck, the death growls are nasty enough to make you think that Jamie is sucking the blood of his enemies through a straw!
At long last, BRODEQUIN are back to reclaim their crown.

Artwork is 'The martyr of fanaticism' by José de Brito (1895).

01. Diabolical Edict (03:29)
02. Fall Of The Leaf (02:33)
03. Theresiana (03:03)
04. Of Pillars And Trees (04:03)
05. Tenaillement (02:53)
06. Maleficium (03:09)
07. VII Nails (02:17)
08. Vredens Dag (03:20)
09. Suffocation In Ash (03:05)
10. Harbinger Of Woe (04:04)