Bolt Thrower "Live War" Black Vinyl

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<p><strong>Expected In Stock: October 2023</strong></p> <p>With such acclaim and the notoriety as an infectiously appealing live-band, Bolt Thrower are now firmly established within the world of heavy metal, with a unique and defining image endorsed by their electric live performances, which drove the band into 2006, headlining their own shows alongside Malevolent Creation and Nightrage. This infamously extreme live show, recorded in Manchester back in 1992, is being given an official Earache vinyl release as part 2 of our live vinyl series, and is set to be released on October 16, 2015.</p> <p>Track listing:</p> <p>1. The IVth Crusade<br /> 2. Dying Creed<br /> 3. Spearhead<br /> 4. Unleashed<br /> 5. Ritual<br /> 6. Where Next to Conquer<br /> 7. War Master<br /> 8. As The World Burns<br /> 9. Cenotaph</p>