Anthrax "The Greater Of Two Evils" Gatefold 2x12" Vinyl

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Release Date: June 16, 2018

TV has soap operas, literature has Shakespeare, and metal – well, metal has ANTHRAX, that fire-breathing, thrash-spitting, multi-headed beast of a band. You'll have heard of their meteoric rise in the 80s alongside the likes of Slayer, Megadeth, and a little band that once crashed on ANTHRAX’s studio floor, known as Metallica. You'll know all about their game-changing, crossover hit with Public Enemy on “Bring The Noise“ in 1991. You'll have listened to generations of bands that owe everything to their signature stomp and crushing riffs. Over the past 30 years, ANTHRAX has achieved sales in excess of 10-million. The band has also received multiple Gold and Platinum albums, multiple Grammy nominations, and, even, the Classic Rock ‚Metal Guru‘ Award.

‘The Greater Of Two Evils’ features re-recordings of early Anthrax tracks originally sung by Neil Turbin and Joey Belladonna but now with John Bush on vocals – originally released in 2004.

LP Track Listing Disc 1:Side A:1.Deathrider/2.Metal Thrashing Mad/3.Caught In A Mosh/4.A.I.R./5.Among The Living

Side B:1.Keep It In The Family/2.Indians/3.Madhouse/4.Panic

LP Track Listing Disc 2:Side C:1.I Am The Law/2.Belly Of The Beast/3.N.F.L. (Nice Fucking Life – Efilgnikcufecin)/

4.Be All End All

Side D:1.Gung Ho/2.Anthrax/3.Lone Justice/4.In My World