Anata "The Conductors Departure" Digipak CD

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Already revered for producing shape shifting Death Metal of the highest calibre, Anata return with another set of breathlessly technical material that morphs from mental riff contortion to inverse melodic deviance in the blink of an eye. Refusing to bow to their homeland's endless pursuit of In Flames impersonation, Anata instead rival the likes of Meshuggah, Gojira and Opeth in terms of pure disregard for convention - all the while applying a furious Death Metal gloss that sets them apart.Track Listing:

01. Downward Spiral into Madness

02. Complete Demise

03. Better Grieved Than Fooled

04. The Great Juggler

05. Cold Heart Forged in Hell

06. I Would Dream of Blood

07. Disobedience Pays

08. Children’s Laughter

09. Renunciation

10. The Conductor’s Departure