Aborym "Shifting.Negative" Digipak CD

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Release Date: January 27th, 2017

Aborym is an industrial/experimental band formed in Taranto (Italy) in 1992 and based in Rome. Since its genesis, founder & frontman Fabban has always played the first fiddle, while rest of the line-up went through several transformations. Their current style may be described as industrial/electronic metal plagued and combined with rock, alternative, noise, IDM and electro-harsh music and has consistently leaned towards heavy use of synthesizers, modular programming, custom modular machines and experimental noise. Aborym's early albums are considered as milestones of the industrial metal genre while Aborym itself established its position as a forward thinking industrial band that never stood still.

1. Unpleasantness
2. Precarious
3. Decadence in a nutshell
4. 10050 cielo drive
5. Slipping throught the cracks
6. You can't handle the truth
7. For a better past
8. Tragedies for sales
9. Going new places
10. Big h