Kylesa "To Walk A Middle Course" Black Vinyl

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Release Date: October 22, 2021

To Walk a Middle Course is the second studio album by American heavy metal band Kylesa. Originally released on March 22, 2005 by Prosthetic Records, it was produced by English record producer Alex Newport, who is known for his projects Fudge Tunnel and Nailbomb.

To Walk a Middle Course incorporates elements of sludge metal, alternative metal and stoner rock. The album features a variety of metal and non-metal influences, including doom metal, stoner rock, punk rock and gothic rock.

1. In Memory

2. Fractured

3. Train Of Thought

4. Motion And Presence

5. Welcome Mat To An Abandoned Life

6. Bottom Line

7. Eyes Closed From Birth

8. Shatter The Clock

9. Phantoms

10. Crashing Slow