Extreme Noise Terror "The Earache Peel Sessions" Vinyl

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Release Date - February 23rd, 2015

To those of you unfamiliar with the legendary UK radio DJ John Peel, he was responsible for inviting a succession of then unknown, highly extreme hardcore/punk/metal bands to lay down tracks to air on his national UK radio show. Causing intense debate at the time as members of the public were aurally assaulted by the most extreme music they had ever heard, John Peel continued his hands on support to the fledgling scene for the next four years.

Side A contains two separate Extreme Noise Terror sessions, recorded on 10/11/87 and 01/05/88 respectively. Side B features the third and final session, recorded on 05/02/90.

Track listing:

Side A:

1. False Profit
2. Another Nail In The Coffin
3. Use Your Mind
4. Carry On Screaming
5. Human Error
6. Conned Through Life
7. Only In It For The Music Part 2
8. Take The Strain

9. Murder
10. No Threat
11. Show Us You Care
12. Propaganda
13. System Enslavement
14. Only In It For The Music Part 3

Side B:

15. Work For Never
16. Subliminal Music (Mind Control)
17. People Not Profit
18. Punk Fact Or Fiction
19. I Am A Bloody Fool
20. In It For Live
21. Deceived
22. Shock Treatment