Cannabis Corpse "Nug So Vile" Picture Disc Vinyl

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Release Date: November 1, 2019

CANNABIS CORPSE’s latest strain of weed-metal is another potent dose of bong ripping brutality laced with tasty riffs, vicious drumming, and powerful THC. With a title inspired by CRYPTOPSY’s seminal album, ‘Nug So Vile’ is a horrifying look into the mind of a hardcore marijuana abuser with the demented fantasies of a reefer addict fully on display. The record is more than just a mere follow up to 2017’s ‘Left Hand Pass,’ but rather serves as a solid companion piece, seamlessly picking up right where the band left off.
1. Conquerors of Chronaggeddon

2. Nug So Vile

3. Blunt Force Domain

4. Cylinders of Madness

5. Blasphemy Made Hash

6. Cheeba Jigsore Quandary

7. Edibles Autopsy

8. Dawn of Weed Possession

9. The Cone is Red (Long Live the Cone)

10. The Ultimate Indicantation