Voivod "Dimension Hatross" 2CD/DVD

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Release Date: April 28, 2017

Highly influential Canadian prog. metal quartet continue to hone their distinctive blend of experimental speed-infused sci-fi to great effect on album number four. This definitive issue of Voivod's fourth album is a must-have item for any fan of this unique and ground-breaking Progressive Metal band. The 2CD/DVD Set vividly captures the period surrounding this album, a work where the band's sound and concept come together in perfect union, and where the transition from thrash metal into something altogether more unique, was finally made.

Along with a previously unreleased complete show - the 'Spectrum '88 concert - 'A Flawless Structure? (Recorded Live in Montreal, December 21st 1988)' - the set also includes concerts performed by the band in the US. It was released on Noise Records in 1988. The album has been re-mastered from the original tapes, pressed on high quality heavy-weight vinyl and the artwork has replicated the original release

Track Listing:

CD 1:

1. Experiment

2. Tribal Convictions

3. Chaosmongers

4. Technocratic Manipulators

5. Macrosolutions To Megaproblems

6. Brain Scan

7. Psychic Vacuum

8. Cosmic Drama

9. Batman

Disc 2: Spectrucm '88 - "A Flawless Structure?", Live In Montreal, Dec 21st 1988

1. Overreaction

2. Experiment

3. Tribal Convictions

4. Chaosmongers

5. Ravenous Medicine

6. Korgull The Exterminator

7. Technocratic Manipulators

8. Macrosolutions To Megaproblems

9. War And Pain Medley

10. Brain Scan

11. Psychic Vacuum

12. Order To The Black Guards

13. Holiday In Cambodia

14. Batman


Audio - Dimension Hatross Demo 1987


Live At Blondies, Detroit, MI, USA: 18.11.88

Live At Thge Axiom, Houston, TX, USA: 10.12.88

Live At Anthrax, Norwalk, CT, USA: 09.11.88

Live At Fenders Ballroom, Long Beach, CA, USA: 03.12.88

Slideshows - Artwork - Live And Studio Photos (1988)