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Release Date: October 18, 2024

TUNGSTEN, a formidable force in the Scandinavian metal scene, was formed in Skåne, Sweden, in 2016. The band’s drummer Anders Johansson’s two sons, Karl and Nick, had composed some songs together. After listening to the songs, Anders suggested that they should record them together and so they did with a shared passion for creating powerful and innovative metal music. Mike Andersson was asked to join as a vocalist and TUNGSTEN was formed. TUNGSTEN comprises of Anders (drums), Nick (guitars), Karl (bass) and Mike (vocals),  TUNGSTEN's musical journey is characterized by a fusion of various metal sub-genres, including traditional heavy metal, power metal, elements of progressive metal and notably Swedish folk songs. The band's unique sound is often attributed to their diverse musical backgrounds and influences. Each member brings a distinctive flavor to the collective sound, resulting in a dynamic and engaging musical experience. TUNGSTEN's journey continues, with anticipation building for their future releases and performances. The next album, "The Grand Inferno", will be released in October 2024.  The band's ability to push boundaries and consistently deliver high-quality metal music positions them as a notable force in the global metal scene, and their story is one of persistence, creativity, and a relentless passion for the art of metal music that connects the past with the future.