Orden Ogan "The Order Of Fear" Gatefold 180g Turquoise Vinyl - PRE-ORDER

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Release Date: July 5, 2024

ORDEN OGAN is an absolute highlight of the power metal scene and is indispensable from the international metal scene. Since their debut "Vale" (2008), ORDEN OGAN has risen from insider tip to undisputed greatness. With their latest album "Final Days", the band managed to climb to number 3 (!) on the official German album charts in 2021, and on Spotify they count over half a million monthly liseners. The seventh and latest album "The Order of Fear" of the band from Germany, led by mastermind Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann, is a triumphal march, a lesson in itself: an album that bangs like never before and is probably the hardest ORDEN OGAN has ever unleashed. "The album is much more stripped down," agrees Seeb. "To the point. Thus also more metallic, direct, and perhaps 'authentic'." The guitars are more in the foreground, but of course it didn't work entirely without orchestral elements," he laughs.  In April, ORDEN OGAN will present the first new singles on a tour with Feuerschwanz. On July 5, 2024, ORDEN OGAN will release "The Order of Fear" at the Rock Harz Festival. One thing is already clear: The future belongs to ORDEN OGAN.