Abandon "In Reality We Suffer" 2x12" Vinyl

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In Reality We Suffer is one of the most intricate sludge/doom records I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. Concocted of sheer brutality, frightening soundscapes and a power not seen since Neurosis's Enemy of the Sun. Abandon execute a few themes I would like to see more of from bands in the sludge game: sound as texture, clever song structure, and use of two very distinct vocalists. The songs at times are non-linear, taking all kinds of twists and turns, but with their slow tempo and pacing these parts creep up gradually as opposed to a startling change of scenery.Track List:

1.) ...
2.) Trauma Is The Trigger
3.) Somnambulistic
4.) In Hopelessness Enlightened
5.) Piles of Pigs
6.) In Reality We Suffer
7.) Will Gladly Perish
8.) ...
9/10.) Stillborn Persistence