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Release Date: August 23. 2024

Death is an uncomfortable topic that most people avoid thinking about, but MOTHICA decides to dance with it. Over the last two years, she assembled her most ambitious vision to date with Kissing Death, a visual album that tells an immersive story across 12 tracks and their accompanying music videos, released through her own imprint Heavy Heart Records partnering with Rise Records/BMG.

“I decided to make the Grim Reaper a love interest in a dark rom-com-style tale,” she notes. “Throughout the visuals, I’m seen in a therapist's office explaining this complicated relationship as if describing a scorned lover. The videos unfold a surrealist version of my life story.”  



1.     The Void

2.     Exit Plan

3.     Another High

4.     Doomed

5.     Curiosity Killed The Moth

6.     Red

7.     The Reaper

8.     Toxins

9.     Afterlife

10.   Mirage

11.    Oblivion For Two

12.   Kissing Death